The Zoo Crew

Meet the Little Dish Zoo Crew! Mabel the Cow is the leader of our friendly gang, including Charlie the Chicken and Trevor the Salmon. Come and say hello.

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Fun Colour Sheet

Colour me in

Print these out, get out the crayons and let your little ones colour them in.

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Spot the Difference between the Fish

Spot the difference

How many scales does Trevor have? Where's Max's tail gone? See if your little one can spot all the differences in our activity sheets.

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Fun Dot to Dot

Dot to dot

We've gone dotty for our dot-to-dot activity sheets. Join the dots together and what will you find?

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Fun Mask


Cut out and colour in your very own Mabel mask, Daphne the Giraffe (with or without a Piratical eyepatch), or a plane-flying Charlie the chicken mask.

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Fun Maps


Help Princess Mabel find the treasure, can Tommy Tortoise get back to Sammy Snail, and how many clouds can your little one count?

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Snap Game

Pit your speed and skills against the Little Dish Zoo Crew in our classic game of Snap!

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