Mabel the Cow


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Mabel’s at her happiest when she’s in the kitchen, mixing up a delicious Bolognese or making the final touches to a tray of fresh fruit muffins for her friends. However, it’s easy for her to get overexcited and make quite a mess all over the kitchen.
Charlie the Chicken in an Aeroplane


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Charlie had sky-high dreams when he was a chick, so he just had to become a pilot when he grew up. Unlike his friends, this chicken certainly can fly.
Crawford the Crocodile


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Crawford the Crocodile loves to paddle down the river in his favourite kayak. When he’s not having fun on the water, you’ll find him sunbathing on the bank or playing guitar. He’s a pretty chilled dude.
Daphne the Giraffe


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With her head in the sky, Daphne spends a lot of her time daydreaming, counting clouds and talking to birds. But when she does come back down to earth, she’s got a great eye for spotting butternut squashes for her favourite meal - risotto.
Ella the Elephant


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What’s the loudest sound in the jungle? Ella the Elephant’s trumpet practise, (which she insists on doing every morning). Her back catalogue ranges from jazz and swing to current day pop.
Kylie the Kangeroo


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Kylie loves to sing and dance whilst she bounces along on her pogo stick. And wherever she goes, Jumpy Joey joins in the fun from his cosy spot in her pouch.
Max the Monkey


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Monkey by name, monkey by nature, Max is a playful little chap. He enjoys playing pranks on his friends, like the time he painted a rock to look like a potato – poor Crawford tried ever so hard to mash it, but just couldn’t get anywhere.
Tommy the Tortoise


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Safety always come first for Tommy Tortoise and Sammy Snail, which is why they never leave the house without their helmets on tight as well as their shells. They agree that four wheels are better than feet so always travel by skateboard.
Trevor the Salmon


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Who’s the strongest fish in the river? Our Trevor is. Well, he’d like to be one day, but he’s only a young salmon with a lot more training to go. But with hard work and a lot of effort, he can be whatever he wants to be.
Amanda the Panda


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Amanda enjoys calmly trailing up and down the banks of the river on her bamboo raft. She watches the fish swim by and occasionally dips a paw into the water to cool off - all that fur can get pretty toasty at times.