At Little Dish we make healthy meals for toddlers and young children. We create tasty recipes using only natural ingredients, and each new Little Dish has to follow a set of golden rules before we let it out of the kitchen.


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Our rules

Making healthy meals for little ones is what we do best. We have studied all the latest research and worked hard with our nutritionists to develop a set of golden rules that guide the creation of each new recipe.

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Meet Lucy Jones, award-winning Dietitian and Broadcaster

We’re very excited to be working with Lucy Jones as our expert in children’s nutrition. Lucy is qualified in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from London Metropolitan University and is registered with the Health Professions council.

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Food groups

Toddler food groups

Learn about the main food groups and how many serves of each your little one needs each day.

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vitamins minerals

Vitamins and minerals

Find out more about the importance of vitamins and minerals for children's development and to support a healthy immune system.

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foods to avoid salt

Foods to avoid

Salt, sugar, additives and preservatives: Know the facts.

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Ridley Toddler FAQ

Toddler FAQs

If you are looking for advice on feeding your little one, you may find the information you’re after here. If you’re unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us at

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Thomas aged 20 months

Further reading

If our information and advice here has only whet your appetite for more about kids' nutrition, please take a deeper look at our resources.

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