We’ve pulled together some of our favourite recipes, along with a handy meal planner to help with your shopping and cooking, plus some ideas for healthy lunchboxes.

our recipes


Here is a collection of some of our favourite healthy, natural recipes which the Little Dish team and their tasters have tried and tested. Why don't you let the kids give you a hand? If they cook it themselves, you'll find they love eating even new recipes. Dean and Monty got stuck into making a mess in the kitchen...

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Meal Planner

Little meal planner

130704 Meal Planner RGB If you need a helping hand to work out what to feed your little ones, and when, then we hope our Little Dish Little Meal Planner can help with that. It's even got a handy fruit and veg ticklist to help you give them 5 a day. Download and print our little meal planner

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lunchbox inspiration

Lunchbox inspiration

You want to send your child off to school with a healthy packed lunch, crammed full with fresh fruit, veg and wholemeal bits, but how do you actually entice your child to eat it? Get ready for school with Little Dish's tips for healthy lunch boxes.

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